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At Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson PLLC, our team of Frisco criminal defense lawyers provide uncompromising representation regardless of the severity of the charges you are facing. We perform thorough investigations when preparing for each case with a high level of commitment to our clients. No case is too insignificant or too complicated for our firm to handle.

When you hire Biederman & Burleson you get the entire team behind you, not just one lawyer. One of the biggest complaints often heard about attorneys is that you can never get a hold of them. This is not true with Biederman & Burleson. Hiring a true firm over a solo attorney helps alleviate that problem by always having an attorney available to assist you.

Our phones are always answered by real people, not message machines. Clients receive the cell phone numbers and email addresses of all the attorneys. Phone calls and emails are returned and replied to quickly. Our highly-trained staff is always available to answer any questions you might have.

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Our team of Frisco criminal defense attorneys is dedicated to helping you get the outcome you need. Our mission is to provide you with the legal representation that you expect and deserve.

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In addition to our attorneys, the team is bolstered by our Legal Assistant, Keri Dollinger. Keri has been with Biederman & Burleson for almost four years. Keri’s expertise in legal matters is so well known that even other attorneys call her for advice on how to handle some situations when problems arise. Keri was born and raised in the Dallas area. Outside of work she loves to cook for her friends and family, watch movies, travel and is a devoted pet parent to her beloved Siberian husky puppy, Maximus.

We also benefit from the support of our receptionist, Sanja Hemrekovic. Sanja’s voice will often be the first one you hear when you call our office. Sanja’s demeanor is constantly complimented by our clients. Sanja was born and raised in the Dallas area.

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