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Collin County DWI Team Approach

At Biderman & Burleson We Are A Team

As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” That quote describes how we represent our clients at Biederman and Burleson. Troy and Hunter employ a team approach in representing clients. Both attorneys negotiate with the state, review each client’s case, provide counsel to each individual client and are available 24/7 to answer questions clients concerns or questions.

Hunter is nationally recognized as an expert in defending blood test DWIs and is a trained extensively on Gas Chromatographs, the machines that perform blood testing. His scientific background provides invaluable insight to clients facing DWI charges.

Troy is quite simply one of the State of Texas’s best trial attorneys. With his small town charm and unique ability to explain difficult legal concept to jurors and cross- examine seasoned officers, Troy’s reputation in trial is well earned.

One of the biggest complaints we constantly hear from clients about other attorneys is that they can never get a hold of them. Having more than one attorney helps alleviate that problem. In addition, we have our office staffed by trained professionals 40 hours a week.

Our clients get the best from both Troy and Hunter through the Team Approach. In addition, all clients are given Troy and Hunter’s person email and cell phone numbers so they can contact us with any questions at any time.