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Collin County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Trial Lawyers for DWI Cases in Frisco and McKinney

When you hire the Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C. to help you defend against charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) or any other criminal offense, you have made the right choice. Our experienced attorneys provide trusted guidance and aggressive representation for our clients, no matter how complex the case might be. We know that prosecutors are often under intense public pressure to secure a conviction, and we are up to the task of protecting your best interests.

From the moment you contact our firm, obtaining a favorable outcome for you is our top priority. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of your arrest and the events that led to it. We will communicate openly with you about your rights, address your concerns, and help you decide on the best way to proceed with your case. With our background, training, and trial experience, we are equipped to help you successfully navigate the Texas criminal justice system and to minimize the impact on your future.


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  • In April of 2018 I was pulled over because I didnt have my head lights on. The officer asked me if I had been drinking. I said I had a glass of wine earlier. I was taken in for a DWI and for refusing the breathalyzer. My friend referred me to the Law Office of Biederman & Burleson. Hunter Biederman supported me, stood by me and most of all believed me. Hunter was able to find errors in the officers paperwork...

    - Gail Yarbrough

  • They accomplished everything they said that they would do for me. It was cost effective to pay a small fine rather than fight it to the end, but I have no doubt they could have buried it completely. They know the law, they know the judges, they know the prosecutors, and they know how to explain things succinctly and clearly. The costs were very clear up front, and they didnt surprise me with anything...

    - Joshua Jacobsen

  • When I went looking for DUI lawyers in Collin County, I found way too many. In the end I went with Biederman & Burleson because their website was the most knowledgeable. It turns out I made the right choice because they were able to get my complicated case completely dismissed! These guys work amazingly together and made the whole process so easy for me. I would definitely recommend.

    - L Lofton

DWI Defense

DWIAttorneys Troy Burleson and Hunter Biederman are nationally recognized leaders in the area of DWI and DUI defense. We believe that there is no one better to have on your side when you are facing charges related to driving while intoxicated.

If you have been arrested and charged with DWI, your first call should be to the Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C.. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can usually speak to an attorney in minutes—even on the weekend. Our availability is just part of the commitment that we make to our clients, and it allows us to go to work on your behalf immediately. In many cases, we can secure your release from jail in just a matter of hours by means of an attorney writ bond.

No matter how serious the charges against you may be, our goal is to help you avoid a conviction. We will do everything in our power to secure the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

Criminal Law

DWI Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you might feel overwhelmed and completely alone. At the Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C., we are here to help. Our knowledgeable attorneys will stand with you and fight against whatever criminal charges you may be facing. With our team-based approach, we have secured hundreds of victories for our clients, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you.


When you are facing charges related to assault, assault causing bodily injury, or aggravated assault, a conviction could land you in jail for a long time. Our attorneys will work you in exploring your available options that could allow you to avoid a conviction. Do not make any decisions about your case until you speak to a member of our team.

Family Violence

Allegations of family violence, including domestic assault, child abuse, and child endangerment can ruin your life. If you are convicted, you could be facing serious criminal penalties, along with the reduction or loss of your rights regarding your children. You must act quickly so that we can help protect your rights and best interests.

Drugs Charges

At our firm, we handle a wide range of criminal charges related to illegal drugs, including drug possession, intent to deliver or manufacture, and drug trafficking. Our attorneys work with clients whose charges involve marijuana, THC oils and edibles, cocaine, heroin, and many other controlled substances.


Under Texas law, theft-related charges can include a number of different offenses. Our team has the experience and legal knowledge to help you defend against charges of shoplifting, burglary, robbery, carjacking, motor vehicle burglary and more. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started in building an effective defense.



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We Wrote the Book on DWI


If you were to suddenly find yourself facing a DWI charge, you would likely have many questions: Should I admit to drinking? Can I refuse a breath test? What will happen if I am convicted? A charge of driving while intoxicated can change your life. This book provides insight from 10 of the leading DWI attorneys in the country about how your case should be handled and offers important information for you to keep in mind.


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