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Collin County Expunctions & Non-Disclosures

Frisco Criminal Defense Attorneys Clearing Your Name & Record

After you have been arrested for a crime or been convicted and served your time, there are other difficulties which may come up in the future due to your record. Even if you were proven innocent, there may still be a mark on your record that the public can see in a criminal background check. This could cause you to lose your housing opportunities, loan or education opportunities, or your job.

If you would like to prevent colleges, banks, landlords, and employers from being able to access this information about your past, you will need to file a petition for non-disclosure or expunction. Our Frisco criminal defense lawyers at the office of Biederman & Burleson are prepared to help you with this tricky and complex legal process.

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Helping You Achieve a Clean Slate

When you are arrested, a criminal record is created in your name which can be accessed by the public. Even if the charges against you were dropped, someone could still access this information during a background check. To prevent this, you must go through the expunction process where all charges and arrests are removed from your record and cannot be discovered.

When you hire our firm, you can expect to receive professional, quality support throughout the entire process. Regardless of whether your arrest record is extremely detailed or you have one small mark, we are here to help you get the clean slate you need and want.

Under the following circumstances, you may be able to file petition for expunction:

  • If the charges were dismissed
  • If you were not found guilty in trial
  • If your conviction was overturned
  • If you received a pardon
  • If you received a deferred disposition

Our firm has had great success with expunction and non-disclosures for our clients, and we are passionate about helping individuals like yourself have a chance for a fresh start. We have a very responsive and caring staff who are always here for you and are dedicated to get back to you quickly when you contact us to answer your questions and concerns.

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