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Questions to Ask When You Are Charged With a Crime in Texas

 Posted on March 28, 2024 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerYou have a lot to think about when you are facing criminal charges. You will need to consider the legal, practical, financial, and personal impact of your case and determine what your priorities are. A criminal case can have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect on your life, even if you are only facing a misdemeanor charge. It is important to speak with an experienced Allen, TX criminal defense attorney as soon as you possibly can. A lawyer can likely help you with everything from getting out of jail faster using an attorney writ bond to protecting your personal priorities, like keeping your license after a DWI or not losing your job.

What to Think About When You Have Been Arrested

Some questions to ask yourself or your attorney after an arrest include:

  • Am I eligible for an attorney writ bond? An attorney writ bond can get you out of jail in a matter of hours, even over the weekend. You may qualify to be released using an attorney writ bond if you are charged with a nonviolent misdemeanor. 
  • What are my top priorities? Every defendant’s priorities are different. You may be mainly worried about keeping your driving privileges, protecting your career, avoiding jail time, or preventing financial harm to your family. 
  • Do I have other cases this could affect? If you have an ongoing child custody case or an established custody plan, being sent to jail or being charged with a serious offense could have a grave impact on how the court might view your parenting ability. If you are on probation or have another criminal case open, getting arrested again could lead to problems with the existing case. 
  • Do I qualify for a diversion program? Diversion programs can help you avoid having a conviction on your record or keep you out of jail if you qualify for one. 
  • Will this affect my career? If you hold a professional license, like a nursing or teaching license, there is a chance that being arrested could cause your license to be suspended or even revoked. If you are obligated to notify a licensing board or your employer, it is best to do so promptly. 
  • How should I approach my case? You have several options. Your attorney may be able to fight to have your case dismissed entirely. Otherwise, you will likely need to choose between plea bargaining and trial. 

Contact a Collin County, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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