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What is a Bond Hearing?

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TX defense lawyerIf you are arrested, you may be given the option to post bond. This decision will be made by a judge at a bond hearing. Depending on your offense, the judge will decide if a bond should be set and the amount that must be paid for you to be released.

Winning a bond hearing can be complicated, but a Collin County criminal defense attorney will be able to assist you in securing a bond so that you don’t have to sit in jail awaiting trial. 

Basics of a Bond Hearing

A bond hearing takes place in a special court, known as Bond Court. At a bond hearing, a judge, prosecutor, and defense lawyer will be present. 


TX defense lawyerAn attorney writ bond can help you get out of jail within a few hours after an arrest. It is generally used for crimes that are classified as Class A or Class B misdemeanors.

Most people who have been arrested understandably want to get out of jail as soon as possible, and securing a Collin County attorney writ bond will speed up the release process.

What is an Attorney Writ Bond?

If you are arrested for drunk driving, chances are that you failed your field sobriety test when the police pulled you over. Upon being arrested, you will be brought into police custody. Your fingerprints will be taken, and your information will be entered into the system.


McKinney Criminal Law AttorneyAs you may be aware, in Texas, an attorney writ bond is a type of bail bond that can be used to secure the release of someone who has been arrested and is being held in jail. Among the plethora of unpleasantries involved with being arrested, one of the more dreaded aspects is sitting in prison for days waiting to be put in front of a judge. Luckily, attorney writ bonds allow certain alleged offenders to be released from jail, sometimes even within hours of arrest. 

However, while attorney writ bonds are eligible for crimes such as a first or second DWI, marijuana possession, theft, and most Class A and Class B misdemeanors, other crimes do not qualify for attorney writ bonds. Today, we will discuss the crimes that are not eligible for an attorney writ bond. In any event, if you or a loved one has been arrested, consider contacting a qualified Texas attorney. 

What Crimes Are Not Eligible for Attorney Writ Bonds?

Crimes that are not eligible for attorney writ bond include the following:


Frisco writ bond release lawyerYou may have heard of stories where someone is arrested on suspicion of having committed a crime. That individual is forced to sit for several miserable days in jail before getting in front of a judge. This typically happens on weekends. In Texas, the law states that a suspect is usually required to go before a judge so that bail can be set. Once bail is set, the suspect can secure a bond and then be released. What if there was a better option that did not require suspects to be held in jail for days?

The good news is that there is a better option! In Texas, you are likely eligible for a writ bond if you have been arrested for certain non-violent offenses. A writ bond is a procedure an experienced licensed attorney can set up with the Sheriff's Department. This arrangement can get someone out of jail without first having to go before a judge. If you have been arrested, contact an attorney with experience in attaining writ bonds for clients suspected of having committed a crime so that you can get out of jail only a few hours after being arrested instead of sitting in jail for days.  

How Can I Get an Attorney Writ Bond, and What Charges Qualify?  

Attorney writ bonds are generally used for crimes such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), marijuana possession, and theft. Other non-violent misdemeanors may be eligible for an attorney writ bond as well. Once you have been arrested, you will be fingerprinted and processed at whatever local or county jail you are in. You will need to contact an attorney from prison to see if you can receive an attorney writ bond. If you are deemed eligible, the attorney will come to the jail and arrange your release. In addition, the attorney will get your signature on the bond paperwork. 


TX defense lawyerWhen a criminal suspect is arrested, they are taken into police custody where they must wait until they are brought before a judge and their bail is set. Most people who are arrested are everyday people with jobs, responsibilities, and family obligations. They do not have time to wait 24-48 hours in jail, nor do they want to. A Writ of Habeas Corpus, usually called an “attorney writ bond” or “writ bond” for short, is a special type of bond that allows an arrested person to get out of police custody or jail almost immediately.

Offenses in Collin County That Qualify for an Attorney Writ Bond

Licensed attorneys in Collin County have the authority to get a criminal suspect released from jail even if the person has not appeared before a judge. Most Class A and Class B misdemeanors are eligible for a writ bond. The main exceptions to this are family violence offenses. Only attorneys can secure a writ bond, not bail bondsmen.

If you or a loved one were arrested for one of the following crimes, you may be able to get a writ bond from a lawyer:

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