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TX criminal lawyerPeople in Texas who have been arrested, taken to jail, and charged with a crime are usually required to see a judge to set a bond before they can get out of jail. If someone is arrested over a weekend, or if a judge is not immediately available, he or she may have to wait in jail for several days. This is not ideal for many reasons. People have jobs, families, and lives they have to maintain, and none of those things are manageable from inside a jail.

Fortunately, there may be another option. In this article, we will discuss what an “attorney writ bond” is and what it can do. If you are seeking an attorney writ bond for someone you love who is currently in jail, or if you are potentially facing arrest and want to know more about your options, contact a Texas criminal defense attorney right away.

What Is an Attorney Writ Bond?

Attorney writ bonds are arrangements between a licensed, qualified Texas attorney and the local sheriff’s department that allow people to leave jail without having to wait to see a judge.


Frisco, TX attorney writ bondIf your friend or a family member has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you may be confused and overwhelmed. You want to help your loved one, but you do not know what to do to help them. Fortunately, individuals arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), possession of an illicit substance, theft, or certain other non-violent offenses can take advantage of an option called an “attorney writ bond.” An attorney writ bond can be used to get someone out of jail – often within hours of his or her arrest.

An Attorney Writ Bond Can Speed Up the Bond Process

When someone is arrested for committing an alleged criminal offense, they are immediately taken to jail. The suspect is eventually taken before a judge who sets the suspect’s bond and the conditions for his or her release. Unfortunately, some suspects must wait several days before they can attend the bond hearing. This is especially common when someone is arrested on a Friday night and must wait until Monday to see the judge. An attorney writ bond can speed up this process considerably. Often, an attorney writ bond can secure a suspect’s release within two or three hours.

How Does a Writ Bond Work?

A writ bond is essentially a promise that the suspect will return to court for his or her hearing. The hearing will be scheduled for a later date. When you contact an attorney qualified to file a writ bond, the attorney goes to jail and gets the subject’s signature on the bond paperwork. The attorney files paperwork with the court. The bond is set and the suspect is released.  Only attorneys licensed in Texas are authorized to file a writ bond in Collin County. 


Collin County criminal defense attorney writ bond

Being handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car is one of the most frightening and intimidating experiences a person can go through – especially if the person has never been arrested before. Most people do not know exactly how arrests, criminal charges, and securing bail work after an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI). They may be unsure of how long they will be in police custody following the arrest and worried about getting to work, picking up their children from school, and fulfilling other responsibilities. Fortunately, there may be a way to get out of police custody within a few hours following a DWI arrest in Texas through an attorney writ bond.

An Attorney Writ Bond Can Expedite a Criminal Defendant’s Release  

When an individual is arrested for drunk driving in Texas, they are taken into police custody. He or she will attend a hearing with a judge within 48 hours of being arrested. During the hearing, the judge explains what the defendant has been charged with and what he or she must do to be released. Often, the defendant must pay a certain amount of money called a “bail” to be released. Some defendants pay their bail through a bondsman. Judges may also release a defendant on a “personal bond,” which means that he or she swears to appear at a future court date.  


Collin County criminal defense attorney writ bond

Being arrested is never a pleasant experience, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the processes followed when they are taken into police custody, booked into a jail or detention facility, and formally charged with a crime. In these situations, individuals will want to get out of jail as quickly as they can so they can return to their normal life while determining how to defend against the charges they are facing. Unfortunately, this process can often take significant time as prosecutors determine what charges to file, and the accused waits for a hearing where a judge can set bail. However, an attorney writ bond will offer another option, allowing a person to get out of jail much more quickly while also ensuring that he or she can determine the defense strategy against criminal charges.

When Is an Attorney Writ Bond Available?

After a person is arrested in Texas, he or she must appear before a judge within 48 hours. At this hearing, the judge will inform the person of the charges against him or her, and the court will set conditions for a bond that will allow the person to be released from custody. In many cases, a judge will specify an amount of bail that must be paid. A judge may also allow a person to be released on a personal bond, in which he or she will not be required to pay bail as long as he or she meets all of the requirements set by the judge, such as submitting to electronic monitoring.


Plano criminal defense attorneyIf you want the legal representation you expect and deserve after being arrested on criminal charges, you should take advantage of an attorney writ bond. Consider it like having a precheck ticket at the airport or an express line at a grocery store. You will get the bond you need to leave jail within a few hours as opposed to a few days. You will be back in the comfort of your own home in no time so that you can get back to living your life. And of course, the team at the Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C. will be available to help you with any follow-up after the attorney writ bond process sets you free. Before making any decisions about your legal representation, take a closer look at the benefits of an attorney writ bond.

Why Get an Attorney Writ Bond?

If you or your loved one are in jail and waiting for a bond hearing before a judge, a licensed lawyer can file an attorney writ bond. In doing so, the attorney will require the sheriff to quickly set a bond for you, which, when paid, will allow you or your loved one to leave jail without waiting for a judge or magistrate to be available to issue your bond.

There are many benefits to getting an attorney writ bond, but there are a few primary reasons to have your lawyer file one if you qualify. If you or a loved one are in jail, you most likely hope to get out as quickly as possible. Obtaining an attorney writ bond is the best way to do so because of the following:

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