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What to Do When The Police Arrive With a Search Warrant

 Posted on April 05, 2024 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerYou are sitting in your house one day when there is a knock at the door. You hear the dreaded phrase, “Police- search warrant!” Your initial instinct might be to flee out the back door or to be quiet and pretend you are not home. While understandable, either of these reactions would likely cause more trouble. If you attempt to run, the police may believe that you are fleeing because you were committing a crime, in which case they may chase and detain you. If you pretend you are not home, they are likely to enter anyway and may be startled by your presence. A startled police officer who was not expecting you to be there may think that you were trying to take him by surprise and may respond violently. It is generally better to answer the door and call a Collin County, TX criminal defense lawyer as soon as you have the opportunity.

How Long Do I Have to Answer the Door? 

Generally, it is best to respond immediately, either by opening the door at once or by calling out stating that you are coming. If there is a good reason why you cannot open the door instantly, it is best to explain why. For example, if you have a dog that is barking aggressively at the door, the police will very likely give you a moment to place your dog in its kennel for the safety of both your dog and the officers. Or, if you are getting out of the shower, the police officers may be willing to give you a brief moment to put clothes on.

When Would the Officers Come in Anyway? 

If the police believe you are destroying evidence, they will likely enter immediately by breaking down the door if necessary. For example, if they suspect you of drug possession and hear the toilet flush more than once, they will probably let themselves in. Or, if they suspect you of financial crimes and hear a paper shredder running, they will probably enter at once.

What Else Should I Do if the Police Arrive With a Warrant? 

Be polite and do not attempt to prevent the police from searching. Provide your ID if you are asked to do so. Do not attempt to flee or resist if they arrest you. If the police begin asking you questions, all you need to say is that you want to contact a lawyer. If your home is being searched, you are almost certainly being detained and have the right to refuse to answer questions without an attorney present.

Contact a Frisco, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C. can step in and begin protecting your rights as soon as you call us. Our regionally and nationally recognized Collin County, TX criminal defense attorneys will do all we can to defend you from the moment you know you are suspected of a crime. Contact us at 469-333-3333 for a complimentary consultation.

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