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Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer These 3 Questions Before Hiring Them to Represent You

 Posted on August 10, 2022 in Criminal Defense

TX dfense lawyerWorking with a criminal defense lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the legal advocacy you need when facing criminal charges. Whether you were arrested for assault, drunk driving, theft, or even homicide, a criminal defense lawyer’s job is to bring the strongest possible defense against the charges. However, with so many criminal defense lawyers practicing in the Collin County area, it can be hard to know which attorney is right for you. If you or a loved one were charged with a crime, make sure to ask a lawyer these questions before hiring him or her.

How Much Legal Experience Do You Have?

Lawyers often need upwards of seven years of college to earn a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree and be qualified to practice law. However, all of the education in the world cannot beat the benefits of real-world experience. Make sure your prospective attorney has ample experience defending clients in criminal cases. Moreover, ensure that the lawyer has experience handling the type of charges that you are currently facing. If you are facing murder charges, a defense lawyer who only has experience with misdemeanor crimes may not be qualified to handle your case.

What Is Your Success Rate?

The ultimate goal of any criminal defense attorney is to secure a dismissal or “not guilty” verdict for his or her client. If this is not achievable, the attorney should seek to mitigate any criminal penalties such as jail time as much as possible. The attorney’s case results should speak for themselves. Does this attorney have a track record of acquittals? Has the attorney secured favorable plea deals for clients that were unlikely to be found not guilty at trial? Does the attorney have the resources, skills, and experience needed to know when to take a plea bargain and when it is better to fight for the client’s innocence at trial?

What Defense Strategies Might You Use in My Case?

If you are in the preliminary stages of your case and have not yet hired a lawyer, any attorney you talk to will know very little about the circumstances of your alleged crime. Without knowing the details of the arrest, the evidence against you, and any mitigating factors, the lawyer cannot know the best way to proceed with your defense case. However, any skilled criminal defense lawyer should be able to tell you about the types of defense strategies he or she may use in your case and explain the types of strategies he or she has successfully used in the past.

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