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Attorney Writ Bonds: Frequently Asked Questions

 Posted on May 15, 2023 in Criminal Defense

frisco writ bond lawyerIf a loved one has just been arrested, you may be working desperately to get them out of jail. Unfortunately, you may be running into a scenario wherein a judge or magistrate is not available to conduct a bond hearing for several days. Perhaps it is a weekend, a holiday, or the official assigned to your loved one’s case is simply overbooked. Regardless of why your loved one cannot immediately participate in their bond hearing and be released, they will likely need to sit in jail until that hearing takes place. That is, unless they qualify for an attorney writ bond.

What Is an Attorney Writ Bond?

Under certain circumstances, a licensed attorney in Texas is permitted to enter into an arrangement with a local Sheriff's Department to get a defendant out of jail before they have participated in a formal bond hearing.

Who Is Eligible for an Attorney Writ Bond?

This opportunity is generally reserved for relatively low-level alleged offenders. For example, your loved one may be eligible for an attorney writ bond if they were arrested for possession of marijuana, impaired driving, or other non-violent offenses. This opportunity is not available for those who have been arrested for assault, most sexual offenses, and any crime that is classified as a felony.

Does Someone Released on an Attorney Writ Bond Still Need to Go to Court?

Most of the time, someone who has been released as a result of an attorney writ bond arrangement is still required to attend a bond hearing within 10 days of their arrest. Any additional court appearance requirements will be dictated by the specifics of an individual defendant’s unique situation.

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