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How Can a Texas DWI Arrest Affect My Commercial Driver’s License?

 Posted on October 21, 2020 in DWI

Collin County DWI defense attorney CDL

Like many other states, Texas takes the crime of drunk driving seriously. A DWI arrest or conviction can be difficult for anyone to overcome, but it is especially challenging for truck drivers and other holders of a commercial driver’s license (CDL) who rely on their driving privileges in order to make a living. If you are a commercial driver facing DWI charges, you need an experienced attorney who can provide the best possible defense so that you have a chance of avoiding criminal penalties that can impact your livelihood.

Additional Restrictions for CDL Drivers in Texas

Under Texas law, if the driver of a passenger vehicle is pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence and registers a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.08 percent, he or she can be arrested and charged with DWI and face an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) for 90 days or more while awaiting trial. A driver who refuses to submit to a blood or breath test can be subject to an ALR for 180 days or more.

However, a driver with a CDL is subject to additional restrictions. If you are pulled over while driving a commercial motor vehicle, your CDL can be disqualified for one year if you register a BAC of more than 0.04 percent. Your CDL can also be disqualified even if you are pulled over while driving a non-commercial vehicle if you refuse a blood or breath test, if your BAC registers above 0.08 percent, or if you are convicted of DWI.

Certain factors can increase the disqualification period. For example, if you were transporting hazardous materials at the time of your violation, your CDL can be disqualified for three years, and if you are convicted of a second offense involving driving under the influence, your CDL can be disqualified for life.

Help from a Texas DWI Defense Attorney

When a CDL is required for your work, a disqualification can have a severe impact on your ability to support yourself and your family. Your best chance of contesting or avoiding a disqualification is to hire a skilled defense lawyer. We will thoroughly investigate your situation to determine whether the results of your blood or breath test may be unreliable, or if there was any impropriety in your arrest that could lead to a dismissal of your charges.

Contact a Collin County DWI Defense Attorney

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