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How Can I Receive an Expunction for a Criminal Offense in Texas?

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Collin County criminal expunction attorney

An expunction allows people to remove certain arrests, charges, and convictions from their permanent criminal records. Once those offenses are legally expunged from your record, you have the right to deny they ever happened. It is like receiving a clean slate in the eyes of the law. In many cases, this grants you the opportunity to start and receive a fresh start so that you are not judged for prior mistakes. This can help with securing employment, buying a house, renting an apartment, or applying for a car loan. There are specific legal steps that must be followed for an expunction, and it is crucial to work with a skilled criminal defense lawyer who can help ensure that your request for expunction will be approved.

Steps for Seeking an Expunction

Obtaining an expunction can be a complicated and challenging process, but with the right lawyer, it can be accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some basic steps to take if you are seeking an expunction:

  1. File a Petition for Expunction with the necessary court. Depending on the charges, the petition may be filed with the municipal, county, or district court.

  2. Draft an Order of Expunction.

  3. The Petition for Expunction will be heard before a judge in court with any related respondents present.

  4. Once the court grants the expunction, present the Order of Expunction to the judge for a signature.

  5. Submit the signed order and any supporting documentation to all agencies and organizations that maintain your criminal records.

Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer’s Help with an Expunction

There are many reasons to seek a lawyer’s assistance with the expunction process, such as help with the following:

  • Understanding the Process—Your attorney will have in-depth knowledge of the expunction process and experience with achieving success in these cases. If you try to complete the expunction process yourself, the likelihood of success is limited, since there are certain procedures that you might overlook. The process can be complex, especially if multiple records need to be addressed. A skilled lawyer will simplify the steps and help you achieve the results you need.

  • Knowing What Types of Criminal Records Can Be Expunged—Not all crimes can be expunged. Your lawyer will know exactly which criminal offenses qualify for expunction. This will save time and speed up the process for a more favorable outcome.

  • High Success Rates—Your attempts at expunction for nearly all criminal records have a much higher success rate when placed in the hands of a capable lawyer experienced in this area of law. 

Contact a Frisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

Everyone deserves a second chance. If you or someone you know has questions or concerns about the expunction process, reach out to a knowledgeable McKinney expunction attorney who has a thorough understanding and the required skill set for expunging criminal records. At the Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C., we will fight for your rights and help you work toward removing all unwanted charges, arrests, and convictions from your criminal record. Call us today at 469-333-3333 to schedule your free consultation. 



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