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Options for Getting a Restricted License After a DWI

 Posted on June 10, 2024 in DWI

TX DWI lawyerLosing your driver’s license due to a DWI can make it impossible to carry out your responsibilities. Collin County is not known for having a robust public transportation system - you may not be able to get where you need to go by taking the bus if you live within walking distance of a bus stop at all. Most adults need to drive themselves to get to work or to buy groceries for their families. You may also have responsibilities like taking your children to school or picking them up from daycare. Fortunately, after a waiting period, you may qualify for one of two types of restricted driver’s licenses. A Plano, TX DWI attorney can help you work towards restoring your driving privileges.

What Is an Occupational Driver’s License? 

An occupational driver’s license is a temporary type of driving permit that allows you to drive only for limited essential purposes. This type of license is granted to those who absolutely must drive to certain places so their families do not experience undue hardship. You might qualify for an occupational license if you have no other reasonable way to get yourself or your dependent family members to and from work, school, the grocery store, or medical appointments.

The terms of an occupational driver’s license will be very specific about where you can drive and for what purposes you can drive there. You will be allowed to drive to your job so your family does not lose income, but you will probably not be allowed to stop for dinner with your coworkers on your way home. You can likely drive your children to school or doctor’s appointments, but will probably need to find someone else to take them to the playground.

What Is a Restricted Interlock License? 

With a restricted interlock license, you can drive anywhere you would like - after passing a breathalyzer test. An ignition interlock device would be installed on your vehicle and you can only drive that vehicle. You must prove that you are sober by blowing into the interlock device before your vehicle will start. You may also be required to blow into the device at random intervals while you are driving. The device will take a picture or video recording of you blowing so you cannot have someone else take the breathalyzer for you.

Contact a Collin County, TX Restricted License Attorney

Law Offices of Biederman & Burleson P.L.L.C. will do all it can to help you regain limited driving privileges after a DWI. Our dedicated Plano, TX DWI lawyers have over 25 years of combined experience helping drunk driving defendants. Contact us at 469-333-3333 for a complimentary consultation.

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