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Fatal DWI Charges in Texas

 Posted on February 27, 2024 in DWI

TX defense lawyerThe most serious type of DWI charge in Texas is vehicular intoxication manslaughter. Vehicular intoxication manslaughter charges are brought when a drunk driver causes an accident that kills another person. It is a felony that can send someone to prison for years and change the course of their life in an instant. Fatal crashes are the worst possible outcome of drunk driving, and as such are punished the most harshly. Manslaughter generally means killing someone without intending to but while acting in a manner that creates a substantial risk of death for others. It is a step down from outright murder. If you are facing this extreme DWI charge, it is important to be represented by a highly experienced Frisco, TX, DWI defense lawyer.

What Are the Penalties for Vehicular Intoxication Manslaughter in Collin County, TX? 

People who have caused a fatal car crash while driving drunk face very serious legal penalties in Texas. If you are convicted, your sentence might include:

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Collateral Consequences of a Felony in Texas

 Posted on February 22, 2024 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerThe punishment a judge sentences you to after a felony conviction is called “legal consequences.” Legal consequences can include prison time, community service, a fine, and GPS monitoring or probation. Collateral consequences are anything else that happens to you as a result of a felony conviction. Like legal consequences, collateral consequences can vary tremendously based on the particular crime you were convicted of. While the legal consequences usually come with an end date, collateral consequences can follow you for the rest of your life. Your Frisco, TX, criminal defense lawyer can help you understand what life could look like after a felony conviction while fighting to help you avoid being convicted of a felony in the first place. Presenting a strong legal defense is the best way to minimize or avoid both legal and collateral consequences.

The Unexpected Consequences of a Felony Conviction

Some of the collateral consequences you could face after a felony conviction include:

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Options for Resolving Your Criminal Charges

 Posted on February 13, 2024 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerWhen you are facing criminal charges, you might feel like you have no options. There are a lot of new rules and orders you must suddenly obey. You must come to court when you are told to, or you may be arrested for failure to appear. If your crime involved a victim, you must stay away from that person and avoid contacting them in any way. You might be forced to wear a GPS monitor on your ankle, check in with a pretrial supervision officer, observe a curfew, or refrain from traveling out of the area. All of this might make you feel backed into a corner. It is important to know that you still have choices and you still have rights. A Plano, TX, criminal defense attorney can help you understand what your options for resolving your charges are so that you can make the right decision for you

Your Choices When You Have Been Charged With a Crime in Collin County, TX

Going to trial is certainly one of your options, but it is not your only option by far. Some of the options you may have for resolving your criminal charges include:

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Who Can Legally Use THC in Texas?

 Posted on February 09, 2024 in Drug Charges

TX defense lawyerVery few people can legally use any amount or type of THC products under Texas state law. While our state does offer a compassionate use program, the program is extremely limited in its application. Simply having a qualifying condition listed under the CUP laws does not mean that you are allowed to possess and use all cannabis products. You must apply for this program, receive a physician’s recommendation, and register properly before you are permitted to purchase, possess, and consume certain forms of low-THC products from state-licensed sources. Many individuals who use medical marijuana do not understand these regulations and accidentally run afoul of them. If you have been arrested for cannabis possession, a Collin County, TX, criminal defense lawyer can help you. 

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Defending Against Drug Possession Charges

 Posted on January 30, 2024 in Drug Charges

TX defense lawyerIn Texas, it is a crime to possess, distribute, or manufacture controlled substances. If you are facing charges of drug possession in Texas, you may be tried for either a felony or misdemeanor.

Potential punishments will depend on the severity of the drug and the amount in your possession. If you are in the midst of defending drug possession charges, you need the counsel of a Frisco drug possession attorney.

Drug Classifications in Texas

The Lone Star state classifies drugs according to their potential for abuse and if the substance serves a medical purpose.

A controlled substance is any government-regulated drug, substance, or chemical. The Texas Controlled Substances Act categorizes controlled substances as belonging to either Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V.

Schedule I has the highest potential for abuse and lacks safety standards for medical use, while drugs in Schedule V have the lowest rate of abuse and have a clear purpose in medical treatment. Drugs are also classified based on a patient’s risk of becoming dependent.

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Is Jail Time Possible for a DWI?

 Posted on January 25, 2024 in DWI

TX defense lawyerIf you are caught drinking and driving in Texas, even as a first-time offender, you will likely be facing jail time. Avoiding a conviction at all costs is very important to keep your record clear, but you need experienced counsel to help you through the legal process.

If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, our Frisco DWI defense attorneys can help you defend these charges against you.

Prison Time for a DWI

Impaired driving comes with severe consequences in the Lone Star state. If you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, you are driving over the legal limit in Texas. 

If you are a first-time offender, you will be sentenced to three days in prison, with the potential for up to 180 days. If it is your second offense, you may be sentenced to one month to one year in prison. For a third offense, you may be sentenced to two to ten years in prison.

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Domestic Assault Offenses in Texas

 Posted on January 15, 2024 in Family Violence

TX defense lawyerIf you commit domestic assault in the Lone Star state, you will be charged with domestic or family violence. Texas Family Code §71.004 defines domestic violence as an act against another family or household member that results in physical harm or bodily injury or places that person in fear of such harm or injury.

Our Frisco domestic violence defense attorneys would like to discuss various domestic assault offenses in Texas and the potential punishments for each.

Family Violence Facts

In a recent year, Texas experienced the following:

  • 196,564 incidences of family violence
  • 219,785 offenders
  • 39% of cases were between a husband and wife or ex-spouses
  • Approximately 74% of defendants were male
  • There were 447 incidences of family violence in Frisco, TX alone, with Collin County experiencing just under 2,900 incidences 

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Were You Arrested for DWI on New Year’s Eve?

 Posted on January 11, 2024 in DWI

TX DWI lawyerWe all like to ring in the New Year celebrating with loved ones. For many of us, that means enjoying a cocktail or other alcoholic beverages. While you might have believed you were fine to drive, you might have been one of the many people arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI) on New Year’s Eve.

If you were arrested for DWI on NYE and now face charges, you may be facing steep fines, license revocation, and even jail time. Your first line of defense against these charges should be to contact a Frisco DWI defense attorney.

Signs of Impairment

In Texas, a motorist can be arrested for DWI if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or higher. Since a blood chemistry test is not conducted until after an arrest, a police officer will look for any signs indicating that you are impaired to justify pulling you over.

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Call a Lawyer Before Paying a Bond

 Posted on December 27, 2023 in Attorney Writ Bonds

TX defense attorneyIf you want to get out of jail quickly after being arrested, you will most likely need to post bail or bond. This sum of money will be used as a security deposit, and if you appear in court as promised, your payment will be returned to you.

There are different ways to post bail, but no matter what avenue you take, your first step should be to contact a Frisco criminal defense attorney

Process Following an Arrest

You will appear in front of a judge for a bond hearing within 48 hours following your arrest. At this hearing, bail will be set. If you have the money to pay the amount the court requires, you will be able to pay your bond and secure your release from jail.

If you are unable to pay the full amount, then you can employ a bail bondsman to pay the amount on your behalf. In this situation, the bondsman will charge you a 10-20% fee for the total cost of the bond. In Collin County, a bondsman charges a $15 fee per bond as long as the cost does not exceed $30 for all posted bonds.

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Shoplifting Charges Increase Over the Holidays

 Posted on December 23, 2023 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerIn 2022, retailers lost $112.1 billion in stolen merchandise. With the holiday season quickly approaching, retail theft is only projected to increase. 

What people do not realize is that shoplifting carries severe consequences. Our Frisco shoplifting defense attorneys would like to discuss the different degrees of shoplifting and potential punishments.

Why Does Shoplifting Increase During the Holidays?

Although shoplifting is a concern year-round, shoplifting does spike during the holidays. A few reasons include:

Higher Demand

People may not have the financial means to buy gifts that loved ones have requested. With the pressure to buy the “perfect” gift, many people make the unfortunate decision to shoplift.

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